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A week ago , I visited Grandmother Anna. I think you all remember the old woman we supported with a House. She lives with 8 oprhans who are her grandchildren. She took on the responsibility when her daughters and children died of HIV and AIDS. She takes care of all the children by tilling the land to grow food besides growing vegetables for survival.

During the visit I took with some material social social support. She welcomed with smiles. I took soap maize flour, beans and cooking oil. She was extremely happy and requested God to continue blessing our work. “Thank you very much, God bless you always,” said Grandma Anna. They are happily living in their house and the children are safe now. The house gives the good warmth, no roof leaks like before, the house is clean free of jiggers and other disease carrying insects. The old woman says the children now sleep well even during the rainny season.

They no longer have to change positionswhen it rains because of the leaking roofs. Iam now safe with my children and my property is also safe said Grandma Anna. Less malaria infections in the family because of safe housing unlike before.  Grandma Anna is now a smiling woman and she has a story to tell. Her hope was restored with generous support. It is now time to give Grandma Anna’s family a source of income with animal gifts. She will be supported with 5 chicken as soon we get funds for the poultry birds. Here she will be able to get eggs for nutrition and income in the family. As the chicken give chickes then they can expand the poultry project. In the long run the family will be able to buy household basics and pay school fees for some of the children.  Click the following link to run more:

Support us. Change a life a needy grandmothers caring for orphans and other vulnerable children due to HIV and AIDS.