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ginger, bread and wine

When Duchess Bake Shop opened in 2009, I knew I had died and gone to supertenderandobscenelydeliciouspastry heaven. In my travels through France and Switzerland, I always made sure to check out as many bakeries as possible and always came away very, very happy.  Here in Edmonton, it can be difficult to find a bakery that will not compromise on technique and ingredients. There certainly are a few in the area, but Duchess offers a complete European based bake shop experience.  And now, with their recent renovations, you don’t have to sit on the infamous window ledge to enjoy your pastry!

From the moment you walk in, the room feels simple, light and the perfect place to linger and focus on baked delights. The tables and chairs are a lovely muted white, the countertops are marble and the shiny glass display cases are full of ridiculously lovely delights. Now that Duchess has expanded, there…

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