Hope never runs dry. Together we can create a better world for families affected by HIV and AIDS


Juliet Tumuhimbise 36 years is a member of Twegatte Women’s SHG in Bulando Village in Buwunga Subcounty. During the SHG group meetings, group members are trained in  different life skills among which they are trained in creation of Small scale Enterprises. Trained in livestock keeping and arable crops practices. Juliet lost her husband in 2008 due HIV and AIDS. She survives with 4 children.

Juliet was identified by the group members for our livestock empowerment program by her group members. Where Juliet received a pig in 2010. Juliet had to give back a piglet to another group member when the pig given to her produced offsprings. Before the end of 2010, Juliet’s pig produced 11 piglets and then gave back the piglet to another group member and the original pig become her own. She remained with the mother pig and 10 piglets. Unfortunately 2 of them died due to untraceable…

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