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In Buwunga Village, Judith’s dream of becoming a medical nurse was about to be snatched away—along with her childhood. At only 12, she was presented to the man who would soon be her husband. NIRP staff and community workers met with Judith’s parents, explaining the physical and psychological dangers of early marriage, and the country’s laws against the practice.

The wedding was called off. NIRP empowers children and their families in every community by giving them tools and protecting children from abuse and exploitation, including awareness of the laws that protect them. Join us




Dear friends,

Warm greetings from NIRP’s headquarters in Masaka, Uganda.

We are contacting you to invite you to support our campaign to raise funds for gifts to empower 100 families out of poverty. We need your help both to enable this important project to take place and to help NIRP become a permanent member of globalgiving – an online fundraising platform.
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To become a member of globalgiving NIRP has to participate in an “Open Challenge”, during which we have four weeks to raise USD 4,000 from at least 50 donors. Passing this test will allow NIRP to put more projects on globalgiving’s website to attract more funds. The Open Challenge started on 1 April to 30 April 2012

Some people may think that it is only one child that you are sponsoring, and it cannot make much a difference the world, but if you make a decision today to sponsor a child it is likely you are not alone, and it is one less child in this world that does not have to live in poverty.

Juliet Tumuhimbise 36 years is a member of Twegatte Women’s SHG in Bulando Village in Buwunga Subcounty. During the SHG group meetings, group members are trained in  different life skills among which they are trained in creation of Small scale Enterprises. Trained in livestock keeping and arable crops practices. Juliet lost her husband in 2008 due HIV and AIDS. She survives with 4 children.

Juliet was identified by the group members for our livestock empowerment program by her group members. Where Juliet received a pig in 2010. Juliet had to give back a piglet to another group member when the pig given to her produced offsprings. Before the end of 2010, Juliet’s pig produced 11 piglets and then gave back the piglet to another group member and the original pig become her own. She remained with the mother pig and 10 piglets. Unfortunately 2 of them died due to untraceable causes. But Juliet continued in the piggery project.

She took care of the 8 remaining pigs and sold 6 of them Euro 10 each. She continued rearing the 3 pigs. She remained with only female pigs. She used  the funds to start a small business of selling Charcoal in the nearby trading centre. Juliet’s pigs produced again each producing 9 piglets making it 27 plus 3 mother pigs making it 30 pigs. Juliet took care of the  pigs well and after 2 months sold 20 piglets each at Euro10. She used the funds to buy new iron sheets for  the leaking roof of her house. Juliet continues to prosper in the piggery project. Currently her piggery project has 20 mother pigs. She a happy women and she sends her 4 children to good schools. Morestill the pig dung helps her provide organic fertilisers for her crops making her agriculture products more health hence maximum yields. She says with a smile, even my charcoal business is growing day by day and she has employed another person to help her in the charcoal business. She estimates her charcoal business to worth Euro1,500.

Juliet wants to built a better family house. She says, she will have to make sure that her children attain the best education in life. Thanks to all persons of goodwill;advocates and donors that support our work. To take action to support our work,Click hereImage