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In Buwunga Village, Judith’s dream of becoming a medical nurse was about to be snatched away—along with her childhood. At only 12, she was presented to the man who would soon be her husband. NIRP staff and community workers met with Judith’s parents, explaining the physical and psychological dangers of early marriage, and the country’s laws against the practice.

The wedding was called off. NIRP empowers children and their families in every community by giving them tools and protecting children from abuse and exploitation, including awareness of the laws that protect them. Join us




Do you care about the children? Share our passion working for a better future for children affected by HIV and their communities. Join us today> Organize a fundraiser> Pray for our work> fund raise in your network> all donations are accepted online: To donate now 

Why chicken of peace!

Chicken create steady income for needy children and their families. Sustainable incomes lead to peaceful families. Chicken project can provide a steady sustainable income to provide for the needs of vulnerable children. 2 hens and a roaster(cock) can produce up to 150 eggs a year, which can be eaten, sold or hatched to provide a continual supply of nutritious food and essential income. Give wings to a family’s dreams with this wonderful gift—a Ugandan delicacy, year after year. Needy children raising their own chickens means that families don’t have to buy eggs, freeing up their hard-earned income for other needs, such as their children’s education or health care.

A few months ago, NIRP supported 5 children with 2 hens and 1 Roaster and the results were amazing. From 2 hens to a poultry family. It was amazing how our little investment in these kids turned out to a model example in the community. the supported children can easily access their basic needs and the families can easily pay for their education and medication. Amazing support. We can up with chicken of peace after realizing the impact the poultry birds brought in the lives of needy children. This is the genesis of our campaign ,”Chicken of peace” hosted on 1% Club fundraising website in the Netherlands. All donations are online. You can also buy gift vouchers for your beloved friends. Join us, advocate for and help spread the word among your network of friends: Image



Campaigning for pigs of power

This pig brings prosperity and health to families.

Imagine the impact you will have when you provide for the well-being of a child, with the gift of a pig. This gift includes training on care of the pig, an ample supply of fortified feed and starter inoculations. Pigs are needed in Uganda.